Our Role


  • Counseling: At UCAN we assess our student's strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and desires.
  • Providing Right Information: Many times a parent visits educational consultants who over-informs and often are sold false promises. Parents get lost in an onslaught of information. But at UCAN we match our student profile with only the appropriate institutions specifically selected with their needs in mind and provide only two or three options to parents. We place our students at right institution on a right level of course. Most of the parents have doubts about their child studying abroad. They are concerned about their welfare and safety. At UCAN we give you precise information about studying abroad and share our experience with you. We will also discuss the opportunities that your children will benefit from that may not be available at home. Your children will fully experience a new culture, improve their language skills, discover different perspectives and new ideas about the world, and improve their career prospects having gained global experience.
  • Guiding: At UCAN we guide our student and the parents to choose the right educational path based on the student's ability and the parents expectations.
  • Handling the Formalities of the Institutes: We at UCAN work closely with our partner colleges/universities; we handle our student’s data carefully and confidentially. We oversee and guide the admission and entrance formalities to make them error-free.
  • Mentoring: At UCAN we don’t stop there. Our role doesn’t end with just providing admission. We continuously monitor the developments of our students and help you to stay in touch with your loved ones even after they leave the country. We will contact the university or college to get frequent updates on the progress of your son or daughter and report back to you.  Keeping in touch is easier and much more affordable than even before; before your child leaves, make sure you have their contact details and email address and if you don’t have one yet, we can help you to set up a free email account.
  • Visiting Educational institutes: We at UCAN frequently visit our partner universities/colleges so we can keep our clients informed with the up-to-the-minute information on the facilities and services they provide. We also regularly visit potential educational institutes to review the institute’s latest procedures and standards.